Complaints and Appeals

The Agency within the framework of its Quality Policy implements the necessary actions in order to investigate, settle and resolve in a satisfactory and valid manner any form of complaints, grievances, objections expressed by its customers or by anyone with a legitimate interest, in relation to its operation and decisions. Specifically, we mention the following:
Substantiated Complaints are made by the Companies controlled by the Agency, as well as any other third party that has a legal interest, regarding the operation of the Quality System and the Control and Certification System applied by the Agency. The Complaint should be surnamed, and its form can be written, electronic or oral. The Agency always addresses in writing to the complainant and files the relevant documentation.
Complaints are settled by COSMOCERT SA within 90 calendar days from the day the complaint was accepted as well-founded.
1st Degree Objection
The 1st Degree Objection (written and signed submission within 5 days from the date of inspection) is submitted by companies controlled by the Agency on actions or findings (non-compliance) during the inspections / sampling, is recorded, then recorded and the decision is notified. to the objector. The 1st Degree Objections, together with the relevant documentation are archived.
The 1st Degree Objection is settled by COSMOCERT SA immediately.
2nd Degree Objection
The 2nd Degree Objection (written and signed submission within 5 days from the receipt of the decision) is submitted by companies controlled by the Agency on the Certification Decisions, is recorded and evaluated in terms of its timely submission and the existence of a legal interest for the objector. The submission of a 2nd Degree Objection presupposes the payment of a fee per objection, for the cost of the administrative mechanism that will examine and decide on the objection. The amount of the fee is determined each time by the current Price List.
The decision on the 2nd Degree Objection is notified in writing to the objector. The 2nd Degree Objections together with the relevant documentation are archived.
The 2nd Degree Objection is settled by COSMOCERT SA within one (1) month from the receipt of the 2nd Degree Objection.
The submission, investigation and decision on the Complaints / Objections are handled in the same way for everyone and do not lead to discrimination against the complainant / objector.
All requests for Complaints and Objections must clearly state the reasons for the disagreement and must be supported by information and evidence. A Complaint or Objection (1st / 2nd Degree) will only be accepted if it is accompanied by or based on clear and reliable information, which was not available at the time of the decision.
For your convenience, a special Complaint / Objection form is provided.


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