Quality Policy

The quality policy of COSMOCERT Certification company is its operation and the provision of reliable, independent, impartial, highly prestigious, accredited conformity assessment and certification services Products applied by companies and organizations in both the primary, secondary / industrial sector and the supply sector services, whether private or public, in order to document their compliance in an unquestionable manner, with the respective International and National Standards and the legislative and regulatory requirements related to the activities of the company.
The above reliability is ensured by the continuous satisfaction of the current legislation, the accreditation criteria and the requirements set in the Standard EN ISO / IEC 17065, as they are interpreted in the respective Guidelines of the European Cooperation for Accreditation, as well as with the compliance the corresponding requirements and the other regulatory documents set by the National Accreditation System (ESYD), as in each case all the above are in force.
The Management of COSMOCERT Certification Company is committed to determine the terms and conditions, the satisfaction of which is deemed necessary, in order to achieve full compliance with the above requirements, as they apply each time and takes all necessary measures for effective and continuous implementation. of the stated policy, the continuous improvement of the services provided and the achievement of the established quality objectives.
This commitment includes: staffing the company with experienced and properly trained staff, the use of modern and reliable equipment and facilities, the implementation of detailed and clear procedures and ensuring the continuous flow of the necessary financial resources, so that it is a feasible goal the provision of high prestige services in an independent and impartial manner.
The COSMOCERT Certification Company recognizes as a fundamental factor for its successful operation, the achievement of a high degree of trust from all stakeholders and the market, in the provided certification project while minimizing potential disputes of any origin.
The COSMOCERT Certification Company has fully adopted the principles of independence, impartiality, integrity, confidentiality and parity and equity in the treatment of customers, free from influences, discrimination and irrational or excessive demands, in a spirit of professionalism and responsibility. All of us at COSMOCERT are committed to the total quality of the services provided.
To this end, it identifies and evaluates on an ongoing basis the possibility of occurrence of phenomena that in practice jeopardize the establishment of the above principles and pose a serious risk of circumvention of their application.
Based on the above risk assessment and in addition examining each case of certification project separately, the COSMOCERT Certification Company will be on constant alert to take all necessary measures deemed appropriate to maintain this policy.
The overall application of the principles of the system will be ensured through the continuous information and training of staff at all levels, with the main purpose of creating the relevant awareness of the aims and philosophy of the system. All activities and services of the company are designed and implemented in a way that is accepted and recognizable by society taking into account the impact on environmental protection and the development of sustainability.
The quality policy and objectives of the company COSMOCERT are institutionalized by the Board of Directors and are reviewed under the responsibility of the Quality Manager in the meetings of the management. The results are communicated directly to the staff and to all interested parties involved in the certification process.

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